Join the fight! Boycott Spam!

I’ve had it up to here (I will add a screenshot of me on a ladder with my hand against the ceiling) with Spam. I mean, I don’t exactly understand why Hormel decided to stray from ordinary advertising via magazine, television or funny little bits on the Monty Python show. Why did they start marketing through e-mail? Especially to people who obviously don’t want to receive these messages.

I don’t think it would be half as bad if they just came right out and promoted their product up front. Instead, they are masking their product amongst other “faux” products suck as penis enlargement pills, hot stocks, and free money from Nigeria. Hidden deep in each e-mail, somewhere that I can’t even find sometimes, is an ad for Spam.

Sometimes the hints are very obscure. Whenever the e-mails talk about how I need a big piece of meat in my pants? Spam.. It took a while for me to figure it out. Otherwise, why the hell would I want meat in my pants? Plus, the can would prevent the packing juice in the Spam from oozing all over and making my pants smelly.. Yuck! I mean, I am happy to see you, but that is STILL a can of Spam in my pocket.

My other evidence that Hormel is involved it the fact that people are talking about it now. “The scourge of Spam”.. Special task forces in the FDA and the FCC dedicated to fighting all of this Spam e-mail. It’s pretty damn close to terrorism. It seems like once the government got involved, Hormel would have just retreated and changed their tactics. I don’t see an end to this.

So now I go in search of allies. I need some help with this fight. I’ve been trying to bat around some ideas for groups to talk to.. Al-Qaida, PETA, and maybe Mothers Against Drunk Driving.. What. I could talk them into joinging the fight!

HL2 Black Mesa.. where are you?

I thought I was over it. The thrill of the (virtual) kill. Blasting zombies and headcrabs into oblivion. I accidentally found a link to a project I was waiting so long for that I had almost forgotten it.. HL2 Black Mesa. This is a updated version of the original Half-Life game redesigned and rendered using the Source Game Engine.

So “big deal” you say? It’s about 10 years in the making. This could be as big of a deal as Chinese Democracy. And I’m talking about both the recently released G&R album AND the rebellious opposition to the existing communist regime in China. It’s that big of a deal.

So, let’s put this into a perspective that everyone can understand. Say, for example, George Lucas got a wild hair up his butt and decided that butchering Star Wars Episodes 4-6 to update it to match his actual vision for the original series. OK, so I guess he already did that. But imagine, had he actually followed through properly and recreated all 3 movies with rich CGI.

Perhaps Darth Vader might have had actual jedi powers rather than just choking people. Perhaps the bothan spy might have actually appeared to be capable of spying on people rather than sticking out like a sore paw on a bantha.  And perhaps the Wampa that attacked Luke might not have looked like a life-size replica of the action figure.

So perhaps now you understand the gravity of this situation. And so now my internal clock resumes ticking until the re(or rere)release of this game. I’ll keep you posted.

Cold fusion.. It’s about frickin’ time!!

The struggle to secure oil commodities has been one of the primary interests involved in most of the wars in the both the 20th and 21st Centuries.

Will it be possible for the world to put such a critical fuel for “civilization” behind us?

Will the abundance of sustainable energy cause a lasting peace and a new found prosperity, or will we find some new “precious” bauble to fight over?

Oils was easy to hoard, it’s a tangible. Perhaps we can migrate back to knowledge. Seems quite doubtful, as the Internet is making knowledge (and ignorance) pretty easy to obtain.

So the potential for Cold Fusion is getting much closer. This time, the evidence is being sited by researchers for the US Navy. This new development could create LENR (low-energy nuclear reaction) devices which we will all be able to have installed on our DeLoreans. This would be a great benefit to both the environment and to address our issues with the cost of non-renewable fuels.

There is an important question to ask when deciding how this new technology is to be imparted to the world, which brings me back to the subject of knowledge. How many years has the House of Saud and countless other power brokers been allowed to maintain a stranglehold on the world (and their own people) by dictating the price of oil? Should this knowledge be selectively shared with the other nations that do not have oil as a primary source of revenue, or should we retain this technology for the generation of our own energy? This might allow our nation to financially recover as we broker renewable energy to other nations as has been done to us (with non-renewable energy) for countless years?

This will not even the playing field. There are still industries maintaining a stranglehold such as the medical and pharmaceutical giants who strive for nothing more than to line their own wallets and that of their proponents. All of this at the expense of those who can not afford it.

So we have some decisions to make about how our tax dollars for R&D of Cold Fusion is turned into a revenue to pump back into the viens of this weakened nation. Put your Mr. Fusion Thinking Caps on!!

Dream Blog #1 – Martial Arts Dream Sequel

I don’t remember part 1 of this dream movie series, but I often tend to gloss over things I have seen before. Likely Part 1 of this was a Karate Kid type of movie, so I was either dreaming of a reprise-style movie for Karate Kid, or I had a dream like this a long time ago and don’t remember it now.

In this dream, I return to the inner-city dojo of my Martial Arts instructor from my youth. I must have been gone about 10 years, and things have really gone to hell.

The dojo has been taken over by the son of my former Master. He has converted it into a dance/recording studio which also has a cheesy martial arts department. It really went in a completely different direction, and I can see in peoples’ eyes that their spirits are not being taught the discipline as has come out of the dojo in the past. The dojo where I was taught to be the man that I am (in my dream) today.

I also visited the jail I was wrongfully incarcerated in, and briefly re-lived a severe beating I received by the guards of the prison. I kind of wish I remember this older dream a little more, as this sounds like something worth blogging as well. At the end of this sequence, I see the head of the guards who walks from the jail gateway and briefly looks at me over his shoulder which causes me to recall the pain he inflicted on me. This must have been my martial arts opponent in the prior dream. What a douchebag (insert villain theme here)!

After that, I locate my old master who by now is smoking and in a cloud of depression. The rest has got to be a montage sequence, because I never retain dreams of montages. They are rather anti-climatic, and I can always peice together the progression that requires a montage sequence in movies. Perhaps I make him paint the fence in his backyard and clean my car. Wax-a-on, Wax-a-off, old man.. I mean Master!

So I woke up before the climactic fight sequence, I know there must have been a fight sequence.. I had to either beat up the head guard from the prior dream/movie or beat up the Master’s son, but perhaps that is not in my true nature and I just show his son the error or his ways. Sometimes I hate waking up.

Wii will, Wii will, hack you!!

There is some undefinable feeling a guy like me gets when you do something or go somewhere that is not intended to be gone. In this case, it is not an insurmountable mountain or other adventure requiring a bullwhip. This is only hacking my WII.

image_thumbThe reason? The main interface of the Wii (which consist of Wii Channels), without playing a game, has very few features. You can add only a few items to the channels at no cost.

The rest are very simple and very boring. Enter The Homebrew Channel.

The first step is to rent or buy the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess which has a “glitch” in its programming allowing for applications to be loaded in place of a save game. This will allow you to perform the Twilight Hack.

homebrew channel

HBC is a great springboard for “open source” Nintendo developers. While some projects allow for outright copyright infringement, other apps are all original and really show a legitimate value and allow me to postpone the consideration of selling the Wii for a possibly more exciting gaming system.

One of the main things lacking on the Wii for me is the lack of usefulness as a media center machine. This could denote my latent desire for a Media Center solution (currently lacking in the industry) which combines console games, internet apps, multi-input video switcher, and a network-aware media library into a hi-fi replacement for my existing monolithic stereo receiver. Right now, the AppleTV even with its various unsupported Mods (do some searching, you will find plenty more).